Emergency Landing Pad

The design of the Emergency Landing Pad (ELP) was created to facilitate the safe execution of an aircraft recovery during a landing gear malfunction. The ELP is an all-weather system that can be tailored to support any size of tiltrotor or helicopter.


The Emergency Landing Pad (ELP) Mobile Trailer is a flat-top trailer with running gear consisting of four wheels attached to two similar axles with “Double Ackerman” type steering. The trailer is equipped with a tow-bar and rear hitch for towing trains.

Empty Weight: approx. 950 lbs.
Overall Length: 131”
Overall Length: 144.75”
Overall Width: 53” Bed Length: 130”
Running Gear: Automotive Type Tie-Rod End
Tires: Solid Rubber Tapered Roller Bearing-Hubs, Spindles, and Kingpin
Rear Hitch: E-Type Hitch
Made with Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam with a Compressive Strength of 1.7-lb. Density per Cubic Foot / ASTM D 3575, 36″ x 86″ x 48″
Overall Surface Volume: 4,386 sq. in. (86” x 51”)
Foam Water Absorption Rate: .06 Lb. per sq. ft.
Envelop Cover provides environmental and heat-resistant protection for a longer lifespan.
Compressive Strength at 25% (weight required to compress down 50% of the overall height): 14 lbs. per sq. in.
Total Weight: 50,000 lbs. (spread over 5 trailers the weight on the pads will only be 1.51 sq. in.)
Envelop Cover: Provides environmental and heat-resistant protection for a longer lifespan.
Color: Charcoal