MECS II: Mobile Expandable Container System

This revolutionary new platform from Western Shelter Mobility provides the benefits of a rapidly deployable shelter with the extreme weather resistance and long term durability of a rigid walled structure.


The Steel Mobile Expandable Container System (MECS) offers fast and consistent deployment with only 2 operators in less than 10 minutes. The innovative pushbutton hydraulic system eliminates the need for winch cables or manual lifts. Built to the globally recognized ISO shipping container standards, the MECS is inherently transportable by sea, rail, truck, and air. Deploying more energy efficient shelter systems is a critical factor in reducing the logistical tail of any operations. The MECS supports this objective with high R-value foam core insulation and energy efficient LED lighting throughout. With a steel frame, heavy duty hinge mechanisms, and light but strong aluminum panels the MECS’ rugged construction can handle the toughest transportation and deployment conditions.
Applications Include: Billeting / Housing Units, Kitchens / Dining, Tactical Operations Centers / Offices, Bathrooms / Showers / Laundry
Dimensions: 19.8-ft L x 8-ft W x 8-ft H