Celina Small Shelter

The Celina Small Shelter has a frame design that reduces carry weight while keeping overall shelter strength. The design of each arch spreads stress evenly down to the base plates and stakes.

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Celina can retrofit standard shelter components to include resistance to, and protection from chemical, biological, and radioactive contaminates; increase thermal efficiencies through treated fabrics; and layer manipulation to ensure safe and efficient use. Resists wind speeds up to 90 mph with gusts up to 100 mph. Water resistant, flame retardant fabric (MIL-PRF vinyl laminate). Withstands 20 psf of snow load for up to 4 hours. Rain load of 4″ per hour with 40 mph winds. Optional Add-Ons: LED Lighting System, HVAC / Ducting, Electrical Supply Systems, Solid Flooring, Beds / Cots, Table / Chairs, Camouflage Thermal Flies, Specialized Liners.