Special Operational Equipment

Sustaining the warfighter for their mission.


SupplyCore is honored to be a Prime Vendor on the Defense Logistics Agency’s SOE TLS Program. As a proven supply chain integrator with more than 30 years of experience managing complex contracts in support of the DoD, DLA, GSA, DoS, and the military services, we are ready to be your source for technology, equipment, and solutions from best-in-class suppliers.

The SOE TLS Program provides customers with: 

  • Ease of funding
  • Brand and model-specific ordering
  • Fast acquisitions
  • Simple procurement process
  • Ability to respond to urgent requirements globally
Items offered under our Special Operational Equipment Program include:
  • Survival Gear and Equipment Kits
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Protective Eyewear and Vision Enhancing Equipment
  • Escalation of Force Equipment
  • Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS)
  • Scuba Gear and Diving Equipment
  • Mountain Climbing Equipment
  • Surface Supplied Diving Equipment
  • Communication Devices
  • Compressors and Air Purification Systems
  • Hyperbaric Instrumentation & Equipment and Saturation Equipment
  • Lifesaving/Search and Rescue Equipment
  • Air Crew Support and Flight Deck Safety Items
  • Underwater Tools
  • Load Carrying Equipment
  •  Lethality Support Items
How to Order with SupplyCore:

Register for an account with DLA

Your unit’s Finance Office Point of Contact (FOPOC) must create an account with DLA before requesting a quote from SupplyCore. You can register with DLA here.

Request and receive your initial quote from SupplyCore

SupplyCore receives your request and efficiently returns a quote to you. You can request your initial quote from us here.

Complete and submit the New Order Request form to DLA Troop Support

You can download DLA’s New Order Request Form here.

DLA Troop Support sends a price notification

Your FOPOC then approves and returns the notification to DLA with your funding information.

SupplyCore receives award from DLA Troop Support and you receive your order!