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From vehicle and aviation components to facility and infrastructure supplies,
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Base Operations Supply

Sourcing, procurement, and distribution for facility
and infrastructure supplies.

Weapon Systems Support

Worldwide material procurement and supply chain management streamlined
for spare parts and end item support.

Base Operations Supply

Sourcing, procurement, and distribution for facility and infrastructure supplies

Weapon Systems Support

Supply chain management streamlined for spare parts and end item support


Over 300,000 items across multiple categories through the General Services Administration

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Year End 2020: We Are Ready for Your Orders!

Another DLA MRO Contract Year End is almost here, and we are standing by to field all of your requests! We offer thousands of quality items that all fall within the scope of your MRO Contract, including generators, industrial tool kits, storage solutions, and more,...

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Camp Shields Okinawa, Japan

Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa (CFAO) contracted SupplyCore for the installation of solar panels over approximately 25,000 sq ft of roof space, with a power inverter to create a renewable energy source for the camp.

Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan

SupplyCore boosted the performance of the Torii Station warehouse in Okinawa, Japan by reducing inventory levels, minimizing time and costs associated with materials management, redirecting personnel to handle more strategic issues, and ensuring that products were delivered in a reliable, timely manner. SupplyCore positively impacted not only sourcing, but the accounting and logistics departments. Torii Station and military bases in the pacific region also saw dramatic improvements in Logistics Response Time – From 178 days to 52 days, along with improved consistency of response time.

Puerto Rico

To aid rescue efforts and provide humanitarian relief in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, SupplyCore worked directly with DLA to provide emergency supplies and materials to Puerto Rico. Under the Water Purification Initiative, we managed the supply of various water purification units and other equipment, coordinating with end users to ensure all shipments arrived in time for emergency flights to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. Under our Base Operations Supplies contracts, we managed the supply of power grid components to Puerto Rico as part of the Army’s “largest power mission to ever take place on U.S. soil,” coordinating directly with manufacturers to ensure product compliance for over $60M in parts.