Large Area Maintenance Shelter (LAMS)

The Celina LAMS allows for different uses for aircraft and vehicle maintenance as well as a general storage structure.

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Fully relocatable due to the modular design, the LAMS can be constructed with gable end walls or retractable eyelid doors. Celina LAMS are expeditionary, deployable, and pre-engineered. Designed to 90 mph wind load (up to 115 mph available). Engineered 8 psf of snow for up to 12 hours (up to 20 psf available). Rain load of 4″ per hour with 40 mph winds. Water resistant, flame retardant fabric. Berry Ammendment Compliant. Designed to meet Modular Large Area Maintenance Shelter (MLAMS) Specification MIL-PRF-32504. Color Options: Desert Tan, Camouflage Green. Variation Types: Aviation (Type A), Vehicle (Type V), Storage (Type S), Drone (UAV).