Tactical Redeployable Expanding Container Capability – Trailer

The TRECC-T is a transformable command post capability, reflecting future desired deployability doctrine. Simple in design, the TRECC-T is a trailer-mounted, containerized shelter system suitable for a variety of applications. Deployment of the unit takes under five minutes with two personnel, with no special tools, providing customers with a rapid, highly portable, and redeployable capability.


Standard Features: Aluminum Frame, Roof, Side, & End Panels; Extendable Roof System with Four Telescoping Posts; Two Expandable Sides/Wings with Built-In Air Springs; Internal Frame Assembly & Frame Storage Bag; Two Fabric-Zippered Doors; Four ISO Lock Slots & Four ISO Twist Locks; Forklift Pockets; Storage Compartment; Corner Post Jack Handle; Two x 8” diameter cable ports; Two x 19” diameter HVAC ports; 12 VDC Air Compressor & Power Extension Cable; Manual Air Pump; Safety Equipment & Labeling for Expandable Deployment
Optional Configurations: Furnishings (Desks, Chairs, Racks, etc.); Hard-Mounted Equipment; Solar-Shades & Coverings; Systems (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC); Stairs, Handrails, & Side Supports for Vehicle-Mounted Deployments; Blackout Capability; Hard Doors; Trailer & Trailer Tongue (Features a Lunette Eye for Towing with Standard Pintle Hook); Trailer Accessories (Removable Side Extensions to Support the Container Expandable Sides when Deployed – (2) Trailer Leveling Legs, Shelter Stairs & Handrails, Two Trailer Hand Brakes & Trailer Tongue Jack