Enhanced Mobile Ballistic Guard Booth, 8’ x 10’

Kontek is an innovative global leader in tested Blast and Ballistic Rated Enclosures protecting personnel, resources and assets from external threats. Each unit is constructed to Kontek’s proprietary designs proven to exceed NIJ-IV and .50 caliber armor piercing standards and as an added benefit provide Tested Blast Protection. Each unit is designed, built, and equipped to meet any requirements or design configurations. Shipped fully operational and ready to provide immediate protection. This mobile platform provides rapid deployment capability in an elevated package.


Customizable Features Include:
Windows Blast / Ballistic Rated Floor, Walls, Roof, 3’ x 7’ Door, Windows, GP1 Weapon Ports ; NIJ IV Ballistic & 13 PSI Blast Reflective Pressure Protection ; Guard Booth, Tower, & Stairs Integrated on Road Ready Trailer ; Shipped & Ready to Deploy with Power Connectivity ; Split System Cooling & Heating ; Epoxy Coated Steel Exterior with a Variety of Available Colors ; Pre-Finished 16 Gauge Steel Interior with Bedliner Finish ; Convenient Lift Connections for Easy Setup or Relocation ; .50 cal. AP Ballistic with 25 PSI Blast ; Integrated Generator ; Battle Lighting ; Ballistic Window Shades ; Anti-Fatigue Flooring ; GP2 & GP3 Port Upgrades ; Black Stripe ; Glare Lights