Improve Group Modular Facilities

The success of your missions depends on many factors: equipment, strategy, coordination— the list goes on. But what about all the facilities that support the readiness of your warfighters? Improve Group is a defense ecosystem innovator providing new modular construction technology, unheard-of completion speeds, an unrivaled integrated agile process, all backed by streamlined procurement channels.

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Featured Solutions:
SECURE FACILITIES: The increased need for secure facilities like SCIFs and SAPFs doesn’t play well with the complicated construction and approval processes necessary to ensure secure facilities stay secure. Improve Group’s modularized systems can speed up secure room construction and retrofitting even to the point of delivering ready-to-use SCIF containers. Secure facility capabilities are made possible through Improve Group’s partnership with Adamo Security Group.
OFFICES & CONFERENCE ROOMS: Collaboration and security often work against each other. And because office and conference room updates get bumped in priority, it’s difficult for those spaces to ever meet the demands of the people who use them. A fresh approach to upgrading technology, finishes, and furniture can energize a team and better align them to the mission all without MILCON.
LEARNING SPACES: Sometimes a classroom can work against the instructor and the students. Improved learning environments can boost knowledge retention and training success with minimal investment. Improve Group’s approach to creating and/or updating learning spaces allows for the inclusion of today’s and tomorrow’s teaching technologies, and makes for a more comfortable environment so students can focus less on discomfort and more on overall readiness.
HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Physical performance isn’t the definitive indicator of what will make a successful warfighter. Imagine facilities designed with respect to every aspect of a trainee’s readiness: physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. That’s real human performance for true combat-readiness and longer, healthier careers.