VTAC IWB Holster

The VTAC IWB offers users an adaptable platform designed for appendix carry which can also be utilized strong side.


Contour Pad: The multi-contoured pad aids in concealment of the holster by tilting the top of the slide and the grip back towards the body.
Adjustable Pad Height: The contour pad on the back of the holster is user adjustable for height, so the user can optimize the location it contacts the body. It is also fully removable.
VTAC Clips: The VTAC IWB Clips are made from a high strength polymer and are reinforced at the common failure points of IWB clips for an ultra-reliable attachment. They are designed to be removed easily with the end of the loop being easy to lift, and they are assembled under tension to ensure the clip stays attached and secure on your belt.
Multi-Planar Loop Attachment: The VTAC IWB Clips mount on a channel which allows the ride height to be easily adjusted by raising or lowering the clips. These channels are molded and cut at an offset angle which helps aid in concealment by angling the grip of the gun toward the body.
RDS Compatible: Built to accommodate popular, pistol mounted RDS sights

Made in collaboration with Viking Tactics