SX12 Scanning Total Station

The Trimble X12 is a high end 3D scanning system with exceptional speed, accuracy, range, and image clarity. Collect superior scan data and imagery faster than ever to meet the most demanding project requirements. The system can use Trimble’s powerful Perspective software to provide full project visibility and automatic in-field registration, and allows the flexibility to operate in combination or stand alone with the intuitive onboard user interface.

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High Accuracy Total Station, High Quality Scan Data: 1” angular accuracy; 1.5mm scan range noise at 200m; 14mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100m
Quick Data Capture, Even at Long Range: 26.6kHz scan measurement rate up to 600m; 1.6s total station measuring time in prism mode; 1.2s total station measuring time in DR mode
Vivid, Eye-Safe Laser Pointer: green and focusable – this laser pointer is exceptionally small, bright and eye-safe; 3mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50m
Simple Navigation & Documentation with Trimble VISION Camera System: three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope