Megamat RS Vertical Carousel

The compact design of the new Kardex Remstar Megamat RS Vertical Carousel ensures maximum storage density using minimal floor space.

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The Megamat RS shelves or drawers rotate up or down via the shortest path, automatically delivering stored items to an operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window. Each unit is compatible with an entire suite of software and controls or can be used as a standalone solution. Megamat Vertical Carousels have a higher Mean Time Between Failure Rate (MTBF) than most household appliances. An emergency hand crank makes inventory available 24-7 regardless of available power.
Width Range: 1,875 – 4,275mm / 74” – 169”
Height Range: 2,210 – 10,010mm / 88” – 395”
Depth Range: 1,251 – 1,711mm / 49.25” – 67.40”
Carrier Capacity: 180kg / 396 Lbs. , 350kg / 771 Lbs. , 650kg / 1,433 Lbs.