SpaceCuber: Moveable Storage Cube System

The BANAIR Warehouse Cuber range of space optimization crates is designed for the ultimate in storage flexibility and density for harsh environments.

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12” / 22” / 30” Hinged or Fixed Front Panels. Full Locker Style Doors Available.

SpaceCubers can be accessed on all four sides depending on the type of commodities being stored. Weight capacity of 1000-Lbs. UDL is standard across the range, with heavier optional capacities of up to 2000-Lbs.

The Cuber deck design can be used outdoors as an asset protection solution to protect cargo underneath from snow, with full 75-Lbs./Sq-Ft. snow capacity as standard. With Stair Kit add-ons, the SpaceCuber design can very quickly be turned into a Expeditionary Walk & Pick System. Used with the Cuber enclosed bins this can also be an alternative to IPE Bin storage allowing reconfigurable layouts on the fly.