Zephyr Performance Systems Compression Shirt (SOB)

Medtronic’s Zephyr Performance Systems new compression shirt with sensor-on-back (SOB) incorporates Smart Fabric Sensor technology design, which can be customizable into existing Zephyr technology.



“Eastbay EVAPOR sleeveless compression top (84% polyester / 16% spandex). Stretchable elastic band to enclose the wiring around chest and up middle of back to BioModule Sub-Assembly Cup. Conductive metallic fabric used as sensors. Stretchable, medical grade wiring that connects sensors on front of check to BioModule in back of shirt. Connects wiring harness to sensors in the front of the shirt and to the BioModule puck holder In the back of the shirt.
Polymer formed cup designed to hold BioModule securely and safely on the back of the shirt. Sub-Assembly Cup sewn security in the back of the shirt with a neoprene backing to protect skin and BioModule. Placement of cup high on the back between shoulder blades for safety and comfort.
Size Options: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL