Zephyr BioModule 3

The BioModule 3 is a compact physiological monitoring device. It is attached to a lightweight Zephyr trap or garment which incorporates ECG and breathing detection sensors. The BioModule can transmit physiological data or record it to internal memory.

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“Bluetooth connectivity to receiver or external sensors’ Bluetooth low energy connectivity; IEEE 802.15.4 connectivity; Heart Rate 0 – 240 BPM (±1 BPM); Breathing Rate 0 – 120 BPM (±1BPM); Device Temperature 10 – 60°C (±2°C); Position/Posture ± 180° (Laying, Standing); Activity in VMU (Stationary, Walk, Run); 3-Axis acceleration to 16g; Red / Orange / Green subject status indication; Transmit and/or Logging Modes; 250Hz ECG Transmission & Logging; 100Hz Accelerometer Logging; USB connectivity for data download & charging; Up to 500+ hours data storage
Internal Algorithms for: Estimated Core Temperature, Jump Test, Dash Test, Heart Rate Variability, Human Real Data