StrongBox: 20’ Fitness Locker – Terra System

The 20’ StrongBox Fitness Locker is designed to stand up to the rigors of repeated reps and deployments. This shipping container gym is ready for action in even the toughest terrain and comes complete with everything needed to get your fitness operation going, including the patented Terra System design that allows you to touch the ground for added stability.

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“A turnkey fitness solution that can be placed practically anywhere and engineered for all environments with weather tight sealing gaskets. StrongBox quickly assembles with simple tools and can be moved around once fully assembled. Fitness equipment can be stored and locked within the container on the included racks. Combine multiple single units to create a larger fitness system and can be modified for each military branch or exact specifications. Supports ACFT training and optional graphics or wraps are available.
Container Dimensions: 240” x 96” x 102” / 8600-Lbs. (shipping weight)
Included Accessories: (4) Medicine Balls – 10-Lbs. 9”, (2) Medicine Balls – 16-Lbs. 14”, (2) Medicine Balls – 20-Lbs. 14”, (2) Kettlebells – 26Lbs., (4) Kettlebells – 40-Lbs., (2) Kettlebells – 44-Lbs., (6) Olympic Bars, (4) Hex Bars, (6) 10-Lbs. Bumper Plates [Pair], (6) 15-Lbs. Bumper Plates [Pair], (6) 25-Lbs. Bumper Plates, (6) 45-Lbs. Bumper Plates, (4) Sandbags, (1) Flat Bench, (3) Drag Sleds, (6) Olympic Bar Collars, (4) Hex Bar Collars, (4) Mobility Bands – Light, (4) Mobility Bands – Heavy, (4) Lacrosse Balls, (4) Foam Rollers, (1) Agility Cones [Set of 20], (8) Jump Ropes, (4) Chalk Bags
Attachments: (5) J-Cups [Sets], (2) Safety Squat Arms [Set], (2) Dip Bars, (2) Jump Platforms, (1) Landmine, (2) Wall Ball Targets