VXG Vector Signal Generator

The M9484C VXG is the industry’s first vector signal generator capable of generating signals up to 54 GHz with 2.5 GHz of modulation bandwidth per channel. The VXG vector signal generator helps you deliver the next frontier of wireless technology, such as 5G and satellite communications with a fully integrated, calibrated, and synchronized solution.

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Supports MIMO real-time fading for all 3GPP 5G NR base station conformance tests with PathWave Signal Generation software.

Covers all 5G NR frequency bands and V- / W-band for satellite communications.

Generates complex wideband signals needed for carrier aggregation and Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) applications.

Delivers superior RF performance for accurately characterizing devices under test, such as phase noise, Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR).

Simplifies MIMO and beamforming test setups with up to 4 synchronized and phase-coherent channels in one instrument and more than 32 channels in multiple instruments.

Streamlines complex receiver test scenarios with the world’s first 8-virtual-signal emulation per RF channel.