OverWatch Integration Kit (OWIK)

OverWatch is a tactical edge video surveillance and reconnaissance device that ingests multiple video types and controls bandwidth utilization over tactical networks. The OverWatch Integration Kit allows the end-user to work directly with the ATAK and MCH Programs of Record and publish video over local tactical radio networks, SATCOM, Wi-Fi, LTE, in order to increase situational awareness.

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OverWatch is a low voltage, edge deployable video survveillance platform used to gain close-in situational awareness. OverWatch provides live full motion video over any network. OverWatch is network agnostic. We have integrated with LTE, SATCOM, Ethernet, and any Tactical radio such as Trellisware, Harris, DTC, Thales, Silvus, and Persistent, etc. Overwatch is also camera agnostic as it will inget and digital or analog video stream. We have Canon/Nikon lens adaptors which allow maximum compatibility with existing lens kits. OverWatch is integrated into ATAK, WinTAK, ,MCH, and our StandAlone Apps.