SkyNet Drone Netting Enclosure System

Imagine a TopGolf driving range with a roof / lid constructed of barrier netting. The Rogue SkyNet can be designed to any dimensions enabling operators to pilot Class 1 & 2 Drones without coordination with FAA or Air Traffic Control. Enhanced availability to conduct training per new Standard Operating Procedures.


Prefab Multi-Use Space:
Communications / Storage
Charging Station / Classroom

Interior Buildout:
Mock Village Scenarios / Obstacles
Offensive / Defensive Effects
Personnel / Vehicle Gates
Anti-Terrorism Rated Security

Modular & Scalable:
Steel Poles 150+ Ft. Height
Wood Poles 75+ Ft. or Less

10-Year Lifespan

Engineered to Site Specific Requirements:
Wind Code / Soil Conditions
High Tensile Netting
Cabling / Anchoring / Hardware
Transmission Power Line Grade