Needle Dynamic Defeat Tool

A little bang goes a long way. The Needle enables a “work smarter, not harder” approach by reducing physical and explosive weight, providing the EOD Operator options and applying sound explosive application principles.

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Apply speed and power to eliminate hazards on the battlefield like sub-munitions on the runway, bombs on the range or HME charges underground. Use the slider application to create easy-to-place and purpose-built demo charges to eliminate a cache or bulk explosives on target. Render safe exposed fuzes on ordnance items or precisely target a circuit component to render safe a WMD or IED. Carry a few grams instead of a few pounds.
Other Features Include: The Needle provides a container and liner for an EOD operator to pack and employ a hemi shape charge, linear shape charge, or EFP to penetrate a target in a fast and precise manner. Aluminum rods are provided as a stand or attachment for every Hemi, Linear, and EFP container. Hydrogel provided with each pack. Two different packing tools are included with a Needle 6 pack. Four sets of packing tools are included with a case. Packing tools are also sold separately. Assembly instructions/ Operation and Instruction manual included with each six-pack or case ordered.
Size Options: MINI NEEDLE – 30mm / FULL-SIZED NEEDLE – 50mm
Both sizes offered as a 6-Pack or 24-Case