Ready Range

Ready Range is a turn-key solution for live-fire training requirements. Commercial off the shelf, modular range systems engineered with 100% ballistic containment. Ready Range arrives complete with 2-lanes or expandable with as many lanes as your organization requires to meet mission training requirements. Most organizations order 10 – 14 lanes. The Ready Range can be configured to a wide open tactical training layout with custom lane widths per operator requirements. Either configuration comes complete with shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, programmable lighting, HVAC, and filtration systems. Ranges start at 40’ and can be expanded out to 100 yards if needed.

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Constructed for indoor live-fire shooting
Zero contamination to the outside environment
Meets current environmental and safety regulations
Prefabricated Ready Ranges expandable in width and length
Fabricated for maximum durability and safety
Minimal maintenance and range downtime
Optimal shooter training area and space
Minimal installation time
No construction hassle, ready to shoot after utility connection is complete

The engineered design allows expansion from 40 to 500 feet in length and 1 to 20+ shooting lanes. Ready Range can also be divisible at a later date. For example, a 12-lane Trainer Set could be divided and set up as two 6-lane Ready Range in different locations. Ready Range allows the end-user the ability to disassemble, move, and relocate the live-fire trainer set at any time in the future. And with the Ready Range HVAC system, constant air flow and negative pressure is maintained to ensure that lead, smoke, and airborne particulates are moved away from the shooter. All air passes through a 95 – 99.97% HEPA filter rack before it is exhausted outside the range.