Vortex Edge Plus Training Simulator

Designed for a classroom environment, the Vortex Edge Plus mounts conveniently on a desktopp and makes it easier than ever for training organizations to deploy CM Labs’ entire catalog of lifting and earth moving equipment training modules.

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The Vortex Edge Plus is designed to adapt to any classroom environment. Controls attach quickly to any standard desk, and height can be adjusted as needed. With a single display, trainees have the views the need to do the job. Laptop controls allow students to switch between “follow the hook” mode or “fixed camera” mode, as well as changing their point of view. The controls are from teh same manufacturers that provide control for actual construction cranes and vehicles. They feel and operate just like the real equipment. The Vortex Edge Plus is powered by a powerful and rugged laptop that can be positioned as needed to minimize the simulator footprint. It provides the same field-proven learning content delivered by CM Labs on all its training solutions, from tower crane, mobile crane, and overhead crane modules, to modules for boom truck, excavator, wheel loader, and backhoe loader training. Controls and pedals can be adapted and configured accordingly.