Tactical Redeployable Expanding Container Capability – Pallet

The TRECC-P is a containerized, rapidly deployed shelter system that provides the basis for a wide range of capability within a compact transportable unit. Based on the 463L pallet system, the TRECC-P is designed to be easily air transportable, expanding to give an internal deployable footprint of 107 square-feet and a minimum height of 7’3”.

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Two trained operators can set up the TRECC-P within 10 minutes and without any special tools, providing customers with a highly portable and redeployable capability.
Standard Features: LED Lighting System; Power Distribution System; Insulated PVC Cover System on the Expandable Sides that has ECU & Cable Ports; Expandable Wing System; Extendable Roof System; Frame System that Packs into a Vinyl Bag
Optional Configurations: Furnishings (Desks, Chairs, Racks, etc.); Hard-Mounted Equipment; Solar-Shades & Coverings; Systems (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC); Blackout Capability; Insulated PVC Cover System on the Expandable Sides can have Windows, Doors, ECU & Cable Ports; Interconnector Kits to Complex TRECC-P to other Weatherhaven Expandable & Softwall Shelters