HD Self Propelled Mobile Fall Arrest System

Mobile System Arrest System: HD Self Propelled Version, Motorized 4×4 with 38-Ft. Mast

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INCLUDES: 38-Ft. Exosphere Mast Assembly, Lockable Mast Head with 360 Rotation, (2) 72” Anchor Arm, (2) Level Indicators, (4) Skid Steer Tires – Solid Rubber / 6000-Lbs. Capacity Each, (2) Strobe Beacon – 12V LED / Amber Color, (4) Leveling Jacks, Includes PPE (2 SRLs, Harnesses & Tag Lines)

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: 24 HP Honda (Gasoline), 4 Gallon Fuel Tank with Gauge & Sender, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Control Spool, Hydraulic Oil Tank, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Remote Throttle Control, Hour Meter, 500 CCA Battery

Weight: 7650-Lbs.