FO3 Holster

The FO3 holster is designed to be worn IWB, just forward of 3 o’clock (FO3) on your strong side. It is designed with combatives in mind allowing the user to carry comfortably, deploy the pistol quickly, and safely anchor the pistol if needed while going hands on.


RDS Compatible – Build from the factory to be compatible with your favorite Red Dot Sight (RDS)
Adjustable Retention – User adjustable retention via adjustable screws
Body Mounted Front Clip – Allows holster to be worn in forward position without digging into leg
Flexible Rear WING – The modified rear wing holds the holster close while enhancing comfort by allowing the holster to move with the wearer
Adjustable Loops – Loop adjustable ride height and cant

FO3 – LM: Light Compatible FO3 holsters available to fit with a wide variety of Weapon Lights
IWB Loop Options: Standard Metal IWB Clip DCC MOD 4, 4-Short, 8- 1.5” & 1.75”

Built in collaboration with AMTAC Shooting