MCD-MissionLINK is an auto-pointing Iridium satellite terminal with 100% global connectivity that provides a Wi-Fi hotspot from a ruggedized hardened case.

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The MCD-MissionLINK requires no user training to operate. Simply place the closed weather-tight sealed case on the ground or on a moving vehicle/platform under an open sky, rain or shine, and turn it on – no pointing necessary – and with the case lid closed. The terminal connects with the Iridium Certus satellite network with speeds of 700Kbps and then broadcasts a Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 300 meters – 1,000 feet) for up to 12 devices to connect to. It runs for about five hours on its internal battery.

INCLUDES: AC/DC Power Supply (110-220VAC) ; Corded Analog Phone ; Vehicular Mini-Inverter (12 VDC) ; Quickstart Guide ; International Plugs for US, UK, EU, AU, China ; User Manuals on USB Flash Drive ; Carry Bag for Accessories.