Point One Hammer

Designed to apply optimum power against lightweight containers to demolish IED circuits, while minimizing shock on sensitive explosives. The Hammer will crush the problem and help your team stay safe.

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This tool uses an omnidirectional technology to drive water at the right speed for remote IED disruption. Utilizes either det-cord or detonator priming. Each Hammer consists of a bottle, tube, and connector with one packing tool included with every six Hammers ordered. Packing tools are also sold separately or as part of the Dynamic Defeat Packing Kit. Assembly instructions included with each Hammer and detailed operation and instruction manuals are included with each six-pack or case of Hammers ordered.
Size Options: LITE – 500mL bottle with small HE tube / BIG – 1000mL bottle with large HE tube
Both sizes offered as a 6-Pack or 24-Case