Remote-Control Moving Engagement Target

Patriot Products offers one of the industry’s best Remote-Controlled Trackless Running Man Targets (RMET-5). Its unique and robust design offers characteristics designed to run in all weather and rough environments, including navigation over uneven terrain


Standard Features: 360-degree control zero turn radius; traverses uneven terrain; adjustable speed up to 8 mph; negotiates +/- 30-degree slopes; 1,000-yard RF wireless operation; aluminum body construction; 24V deep cycle system; 250-lb. payload; smart charging technology; optional long-range hit detect; waterproof controller case; 10-12mi transport on charge; all-terrain tires; easy 2-man carry / transport; includes 2D / 3D target mounts; upgrade ballistic shrapnel protection to .30cal; upgrade to 3D human form mannequin target with hit detection; upgrade to run flat tires
Wireless Remote Controller (PP-RMET): The controls are housed in a lightweight, waterproof case for operation and storage. The dual joystick control allows for easy and intuitive operation and precise movement control. The Smart Charging Technology gives you a battery life between 200 and 1000 charge/discharge cycles depending on the average depth of discharge. The full 1-year warranty includes the battery as wear for normal wear and tear.