Bi-Fold Weapon Rack: 24 Long Guns & 24 Handguns

42″ Width × 15″ Depth × 84″ Height Bi-Fold Weapon Rack
Individually Adjustable Internal Components. Configure the Bi-Fold Racks to Suit Your Weapon Inventory. Anchor to the Floor, Wall, Side-to-Side, or Back-to-Back. Ships Completely Assembled with Components Installed

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DASCO Bi-Fold Weapon Racks include pre-punched mounting holes on the top, bottom, sides, and back of the locker allows for multiple securing options per customer standards. A wide range of component options allows for customizing to individual storage needs. Various sizes of adjustable storage bins make storing weapons and miscellaneous gear together possible while utilizing empty space within the locker for maximum storage efficiency. Full length piano hinges provide stability and security to the locker doors, decreasing the likelihood of forced entry. Weapon-specific components ensure each weapon has a snug and proper fit. Full height Universal Back Panel accepts all storage components and allows for them to be quickly adjusted on 1″ vertical centers for unlimited configurations. Bi-folding doors save 35% floor space while maximizing usable space inside the locker.
Fully welded frame provides superb stability and durability. Stiffener bars along the back panel provide enhanced structural integrity. Standard full height Universal Back Panel allows for easy adjustment of components for unlimited configurations. Punched side carry handles provide the strongest hold and ergonomic shape for carrying heavy loads.
Standard Sizes: 84”, 72”, 64.5”, 48”