Lektriever Filing Carousel

The Kardex Lektriever is an automated filing vertical carousel designed to manage a complete range of files and media. Delivering stored files and media to an operator with the push of a button, virtually eliminates wasted walking, searching and bending activities to dramatically improve productivity

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The Kardex Lektriever vertical carousel is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files and media to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a bar code. The vertical carousel rotates and presents the item for picking to the operator at an ergonomic work counter for easy usage. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Offering increased filing capacity with 16 four-drawer file cabinets, the Lektriever vertical carousel provides more lateral filing inches (LFI) per square foot. Customizable levels of file security, the ability to recover up to 70% floor space with floor to truss file storage, and an ergonomic design to reduce the carbon footprint and improve productivity.
Available Widths: 2,560mm / 101”, 2,630 mm / 104”, 2,947mm / 116”, 3,269mm / 129”
Height Range: 2,200 – 3,700mm / 87” – 146”
Available Depths: 925mm 37”, 1,155mm / 46”, 1,202mm / 48”
Carrier Capacity: 100–150 kg / 220 – 330 Lbs.